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Dual-Magnification Binoculars Models

Product Range |  Dual-Magnification Binoculars Models

Sunagor 10 + 15 x 50

Sunagor 10 + 15 x 50 "Maxima" Dual-Magnification Binoculars

Price: 150.00


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Incorporating the latest in optical technology, this unique model offers two different magnification powers in one pair of binoculars. Intended for the user who might not require zoom binoculars, these "Maxima" Dual-Magnification Binoculars feature a simple click switch lever conveniently located under the right eye-piece. The position and design of the click switch lever means that you can simply operate it using one finger without needing to interrupt your viewing when changing magnification settings. This dual magnification technology therefore offers the versatility of a higher power setting (15x) when the standard setting (10x) isn't quite enough, with no discernible extra loss of light.

Product Range |  Dual-Magnification Binoculars Models

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